The Greene Gazette Newsletter for November 2016 from the Greene County Board of Commissioners, Greene County, Pennsylvania

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WAYNESBURG, PA — Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Greene County Commissioners
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Waynesburg, PA 15370

For Immediate Release
Ruth Thornberg, Webmaster

Compiled by Kelli Rishell
Administrative Assistant &
Ruth Thornberg, Webmaster

Edited by JoAnne Marshall
Communications Director

Approved by Jeffrey Marshall, Chief Clerk

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to all from the Greene County Commissioners

The County Commissioners would like to recognize all county employees born in the month DECEMBER and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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County Government Holiday Schedule

Transportation Holiday Schedule

December 3

FMI, call Dept of Rec at 724-852-5323

December 3

FMI, call Dept of Rec at 724-852-5323

December 6 (3rd session)

Support Group Meeting

Saturday, December 10

Contact, Cherie Henry at 724-852-5229

December 14 - 2-5pm
Greene County Fairgrounds

FMI, cal Dept of Rec at 724-852-5323

FMI, call 724-966-8953

FMI, call 724-627-9988

FMI, call 724-943-4462

Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency

Visitors Guide

Hot off the presses, our 2016-27 Official Visitors Guides has arrived!! This full-color, 36-page guide features events, attractions, and photos of your friends and neighbors! To request a copy (or 100), call 724-627-8687 or e-mail tourism.

Domestic Relations Locate List:
DR needs your help in obtaining mailing addresses for the several individuals, please contact the DRS Office at 742-852-5214 should you know the whereabouts or address for any of the following individuals:
  18. GROF, JAMES V.
  39. O'HARA, RYAN C.

Greene County Sheriff's
10 Most Wanted List

Please call the Sheriff's Office at 724-852-5218 or 724-627-7207 if you've seen or know the whereabouts of any of the following individuals.

(All tips are confidential and you are not required to provide your name):

Listed alphabetically by last name (November 22, 2016)
Click image to enlarge photo

Robert F. Bacon

Caucasian/Male, Age 50
Wanted for: Accident Involving Death or Injury/Failure to Appear for Plea Hearing.
Last Known Address: 325 Toms Run Road,
Brave, Pa 15316

Glenn Davis

Caucasian/Male, Age 58
Wanted for: Criminal Mischief – Damage Property
Last Known Address: 452 Woodies Road
Waynesburg, PA 15370

Nathan Ray Herrington

Caucasian/Male, Age 32
Wanted for DUI: highest Rte of Alc - 1st Off
Last Known Address: 121 Fairview Avenue,
Waynesburg, PA 15370

Amanda Daniel Mitchell

Caucasian/Female, Age 32
Wanted for: Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg
Last Known Address: 50 Wood Street,
Waynesburg, PA 15370

Jarrod R. Hinds

Caucasian/Male, Age 46
Wanted for: DUI/Failure to Appear
Last Known Address: 220 Lanz Road,
Waynesburg, PA 15370

Felicia Dorothy Snyder

Caucasian/Female, Age 28
Wanted for: Use/Poss of Drug Paraphernalia
Last Known Address: 133 Tollgate Run Road,
Waynesburg, PA 15370

Jeffrey Christopher Speer

Caucasian/Male, Age 28
Wanted for: Failure to Appear / Manufacture, Deliver, or Possession with Intent to Manufacture or Delivery
Last Known Address: 135 Hodge Avenue,
Rices Landing, PA 15357

Billy Wayne Stiles

Caucasian/Male, Age 28
Wanted for: Simple Assault
Last Known Address: 251 Grant Avenue,
Nemacolin, PA 15351

Timothy Jay Teets

Caucasian/Male, Age 55
Wanted for: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
(ARD – County)
Last Known Address: 433 Rear Shady Avenue,
Cherleroi, PA 15022

Gerald Andrew Toothman

Caucasian/Male, Age 49
Wanted for DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely – 1st Off
Last Known Address: 935 Mapletown Road,
Greensboro, PA 15338

PA Secretary of Agriculture visits Greene County
  Our county commissioners and the Greene County Conservation District were pleased to entertain Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture, Russell C. Redding during a visit to Greene County farms on October 19th.

His visit provided an opportunity for Greene County's agricultural producers to learn the Governor's and the Secretary's agenda items and discuss how the Greene County community can become a bigger part of those plans.

The Secretary's first stop was at the farm of Keith Martin, a sheep producer in Washington Township, followed by a private, invitation-only gathering at Commissioner Archie Trader and wife Jeanette's farm also in Washington Township, for round-table discussion and lunch. Mrs. Trader served a variety of items raised on their farm for lunch.

One initiative that the Secretary supports is the production of vegetables through hydroponics that could be used in school cafeterias. Secretary Redding thanked Lisa Snider, District Manager and Karlie Wright, Agriculture Technician from the Greene County Conservation District, for this assistance in setting up the event.

Pictured: Secretary Redding discusses agriculture issues with some of the local farmers and county officials, followed by a tour of the Trader farm, before moving on to some of the other local farms in Greene County.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony
  October 27 — Greene County Commissioners participated in the ribbon cutting and Business After-hours celebration to the new ownership of the Kesterson-Rush Funeral Home, recently purchased by Phylicia and Tony Kesterson (previously the Rush Funeral Home, owned by Gene Rush) in Rogersville, PA. The Keterson's expressed their thanks to the community and excitement on their new business.

Pictured, from l. to r. in group picture above: Rev. Cynthia Deter, Jeff McCrackin, Gene Rush, Commissioner Dave Coder, Phylicia and Tony Kesterson, Commissioner Blair Zimmerman, Nate Regotti with Rep. Pam Snyder's office, and Commissioner Archie Trader
Pictured from left to right at the podium:   Commissioner Blair Zimmerman, Commissioner Dave Coder, Commissioner Archie Trader, Gene Rush (previous owner), and Phylicia &Tony Kesterson (new owners)
(Photos courtesy of the Waynesburg Area Chamber of Commerce)

Commissioners attend annual Grange Awards Banquet
  County Commissioners were honored to be a part of the annual Grange Awards Banquet held on Thursday, November 10 at the East Franklin Grange. Sandy Richards was awarded the "Granger of the Year" and the organization honored was the Waynesburg Central Future Farmers of America (FFA) Club and the Waynesburg Central Alumni.

Left picture above (left to right): Commissioner Blair Zimmerman, Vicki Funk, East Franklin Grange member, Sandi Richards, East Franklin Grange member, and Commissioner Dave Coder.

Right picture above (left to right): Commissioner Dave Coder, Caitlin Orndorff, Sarah Calvert, Sara Husner, and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.   (Pictures courtesy of Blair Zimmerman)

'Warm nights' expanded for Greene County’s homeless
  With snow and cold temperatures approaching, Greene County’s homeless will have a place to go for warmth and shelter thanks to an expanding initiative Barb Wise began organizing last winter.
Wise is the director of Greene County United Way, but her "warm nights" initiative is not a United Way program. She organized it last year to offer a warm night's sleep to the county's homeless population.

That first year, Wise partnered with several community churches that opened up their doors to host a night for people in January and February when the temperature dropped below 25 degrees.

This year, they will have their own building dedicated as a warming center from December through March. The building, which can sleep 10, is a house-like structure near the stables on the Greene County Fairgrounds. Commissioner Blair Zimmerman, who permitted the building be used for Wise’s initiative, said the building was “being used very little” and that it would be no additional cost to the county.

"We just thought it was a good location," he said. "We do have a need and it fit the bill for that." Commissioner Zimmerman said that he has seen people sleeping under county bridges and one time witnessed a family sleeping in tents in a wooded area of the county.

Supplies have now been moved in, such as blankets, pillows, cots, etc. which were donated last year. To register to use the center and get transportation if needed, call the SWPA Human Services crises hotline before 4 p.m. each day and the shelter will be open to them from 7 am to 7 pm. Note that the center will only be open when it is below 25 degrees and people have pre-registered, it does not take walk-ins.

Folks will be allowed to bring in their service dogs, and the Humane Society is partnering in the initiative to house other pets.

Lastly, volunteers are needed, each cold night that the warming station is open, there needs to be two volunteers to stay with the clients. Training is available to those with a clear background check. Training sessions will be held in mid-November. For questions, call Barb Wise at 724-852-5276 or the Greene County Human Services at 724-852-5276.

Left to right, front row: Commissioner Blair Zimmerman handing the house keys of a county-owned building over to Barb Wise, program manager of "Warm Nights", an initiative to shelter the homeless in the winter months; Ashley Beaman, Greater Waynesburg Christian Outreach Director

Back row: Jake Blaker, Director for Parks and Recreation; Commissioner Archie Trader, Amy Switalski, Director of Housing and Family Resources for Greene County Human Services; and Commissioner Dave Coder

(Article & photo courtesy of the Observer-Reporter, ed. 11/6/2016 by Katie Anderson)

This Month in Greene County Government...
Board of Commissioners:
During the commissioners’ regular board meeting on Thursday, November 17, the Commissioners awarded the following Certificates of Achievement to:
  • Waynesburg University Women’s Cross Country Team
  • Emily Latimer on her win in the Presidents’ Athletic Conference
  • Waynesburg Central High School Boys Cross Country Team on becoming section champions
  • Ben Bumgarner on placing second in the WPIAL Cross Country Championships and becoming the first Class AA state champion from Waynesburg
  • Waynesburg Central High School Boys Soccer on becoming section champions
  • Waynesburg Central High School Girls Soccer on becoming section champions.
  • Waynesburg Central High School Girls Volleyball Team on becoming section champions
  • Matt Brandsetter for cross country coaching
The Commissioners approved the following:
  • Adopt the proposed 2017 General Fund Budget and direct the Chief Clerk to advertise final action on the same for December 15, 2016 and make the proposed budget available for public inspection
  • Change order #2 from Management Engineering Corporation (MEC) the Greene County Airport Entrance Driveway and SR0021 Improvements in the amount of $21,155.31
  • Division order from CNX Gas Company, LLC for various wells
  • Reappoint Corbly Orndorff and Charles Day to the Greene County Farmland Preservation Board of Directors
  • Agreement between the County of Greene and Pictometry International Corporation which also includes renewal for Connect for two years
  • Conditional reservation from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) in the amount of $600,000 for the Parkview Knoll Apartments rehabilitation project
  • 2016 Greene County Volunteer Fire Company grants in the amount of $3,000 each for the following:
    • Bobtown
    • Carmichaels
    • Center
    • Clarksville
    • Crucible
    • Graysville
    • Greensboro
    • Jefferson
    • Morris
    • Mt. Morris
    • Nemacolin
    • New Freeport
    • Rices Landing
    • Richhill Township
    • Wayne Township
    • Waynesburg
Under Veterans Affairs, the Commissioners approved an agreement for the care and maintenance of 186 graves in the Hewitt Cemetery located in Rices Landing Borough for $3.00 per grave for a total of $558.

Under Emergency Management, the Commissioners approved the following:
  • Award of $62,010.15 of 9-1-1 statewide interconnectivity funding to be used towards Region 13 ESInet maintenance project
  • Mission Critical Partners Vendor Support Agreements and Incident Management
Under Probation, the Commissioners approved the PCCD Justice Reinvestment Program Grant Application for the Courts/Probation Office in an amount of $17,750 for an Ohio Risk Assessment System Training initiative.

Under Human Services, the Commissioners approved the FY2016/2017 contract with Catholic Charities.

Under Drug & Alcohol, the Commissioners approved the FY2016/2017 contracts with Another Way.

Under Mental Health & Intellectual Disabilities, the Commissioners approved the FY2016/2017 contracts with Family Behavioral Resources and Steps Inside. They also approved the FY2015/2016 Early Intervention Income and Expenditure Report.

Under the Conservation District, the Commissioners approved the following:
  • Reappoint Bradley Eisiminger to the Conservation Board of Directors for a four-year term and send the director appointment submissions form to the State Conservation Commission.
  • Appoint Commissioner Archie Trader to the Conservation Board of Directors for a one-year term and send the director appointments to the State Conservation Commission.
Under the CDBG, the Commissioners approved the following:
  • CDBG Management Plan
  • CDBG 2016 Resolution
  • Certification of completion of a four-factor analysis for limited English proficiency persons and certification of the activities to be included in the language access plan
  • CDBG 2016 exempt form
PUBLIC COMMENT:   Greg Niverth spoke about the national association of royalties and the deductions they have imposed to Greene County of 15 to 50%. He asked the commissioners to back Bradford County in their resolution. Commissioner Zimmerman said that he will have some discussion regarding this at the County Commissioners Association Conference.

Prison Board:
During the Prison Board meeting on Thursday, November 17, the Commissioners made the following motions:
  • Security:
    • Identified several areas within the facility that will require renovation and currently developing an assessment of costs relative to materials for these projects.

  • Training:
    • The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is offering PREA basic/refresher training on several dates via GoTo training format and will be registering our shift supervisors in conjunction with a scheduled management meeting.
    • Officer Amanda McCool and Food Service Worker Karen Taylor have successfully completed the PA DOC training requirements and have returned to shift duties.
    • We are currently training three Corrections Officers under supervisory standards for the purpose of overall staff development.

  • Maintenance:
    • With the hiring of our new maintenance worker we are conducting a number of in house repairs and refitting projects. Some of the outlined projects include the resurfacing of the housing unit tables and floors, repair of the housing unit blinds, interior hallway door locks, plaster and water damage repair in the main lobby.
    • Have pulled new wire into G-unit, but are still experiencing operational problems with the intercom system and are in daily contact with Montgomery Technology Systems trying to resolve the issues.
    • Our newly installed camera system is close to completion and currently we have eliminated the lag time issue we were experiencing with the camera relay.
    • On Wednesday 11-16-16, a meeting was conducted with Directors Karen Bennett, Dean Virgili, Kira Sisk, and Probation Officer Jason Taylor regarding the development and implementation of treatment services within the facility. This planning session outlined what services relative to personal growth and accountability we could provide to our inmate population. This development of programing needs would cover basic education requirements, life skills, drug and alcohol assessments and counseling, psychological evaluations, vocational possibilities and the required aspects of reentry into the community following incarceration.

  • Treatment:
    • The facility will start utilizing a female work crew as of 11-18-16. The inmates selected for these work details will be sentenced inmates who demonstrate the correct qualities of trust and maturity. This first work detail will be conducted in such a manner as to determine logistical and supervisory needs. We currently have adequate clothing to enable our inmates to work outdoors if necessary.

  • Financial Report:
    • Fayette County owes $9,500.00 for the month of October in regards to rental fees and has paid $13,850.00 for the month of September.
    • Deposits totaling $1,960.00 have been made with the Treasurer’s office for work release and weekend inmates.

  • General discussion:
    • Some general discussion regarding the booking rooms and expansion. Discussion of hiring a LPN and perhaps making it a dual role.
    • Food Service Worker Rolinda Kniha will be leaving after eleven years.

Retirement Board:
During the Retirement Board meeting on Thursday, November 17, Chief Clerk Jeff Marshall announced that they are still investigating the issues that Judge Toothman brought to the retirement board.

Salary Board:
During the Salary Board meeting on Thursday, November 17, the following personnel actions were approved:

    Change in Job Title & Description:
    • Christine Gardner from Court Assistant Prevention and Education to Court Assistant for Program Development.

    New Hires:
    • Tori Adams, regular FT Secretary 2, Tourism
    • Ali Hayes, regular PT High Fidelity Family Support Partner, Human Services
    • David Ziefel, regular FT Working Supervisor II, Jail

    • Laurie Thomas to Legal Secretary 2, Public Defender

    • Deborah Stockdale to Department Clerk 3, Sheriff

    • Barbara Stowinsky, temporary Caseworker, to assist in training on the foster care program, Human Services

    • Barbara Benchek, Prison Counselor
    • Christopher Caldwell, Sheriff Deputy
    • Jeffrey Cozart, Shift Supervisor
    • Cody Rush, Data Quality Associate

County Commissioners welcome new county employees
The Commissioners would like to take time to welcome our new employees that were hired and introduce each new hire to the rest of our county employees. Welcome to the county and we hope you are happy in your new position.

The County Employee Handbook can be accessed through our intranet website for employees only, or you can obtain a copy of the handbook at the Human Resources office at any time. We expect all of our employees to abide with the rules and regulations stated in the employee handbook; but should you have questions, please contact Becky Harris, our HR Director at 724-852-5200.

Kristina Kay Nicholls
Department Clerk 1
regular part-time
Tax Claim Office
Department of Finance & Administration
Appointment eff. Oct 14
Tiffany Huffman
Caseworker 1
regular full time
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services (IDD)
Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Oct. 31

Ali Hayes
High Fidelity Family Support Partner
regular part-time
Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Oct 31

Tori Adams
Secretary 2
regular full time
Tourism Office
Appointment eff. Oct 31

David Ziefel
Working Supervisor 1
regular full time
Greene County Prison
Department of Law & Order
Appointment eff. Nov. 7

Commissioners Recognize County Employees — 2016 Wellness Rewards Program
The County Commissioners were pleased to recognize county employees who completed the 2016 Wellness Rewards Program held November 18 at an awards ceremony.

Congratulations to our prize winners (pictured on the left) from drawings at the ceremony (from l. to r.): Lisa Main ($50 Darden Restaurant gift card); Christine Barnhart (Highmark bag); Paul Kraich (32-inch TV); Christine Brottish (Highmark bag); and Marcy Maletta ($20 Giant Eagle gift card). Not pictured are Renee Imhoff ($20 giant eagle gift), Violet Lawless ($20 Giant Eagle gift card), & Toni Ferencak ($25 Subway gift card).

Recognition to all employees who participated in this year's Wellness-Rewards Program, with a total of 97 employees completing the program; congratulations to all, Walmart gift cards were handed out to the following employees:
Conservation District:
• Lindsay Kozlowski, Environmental Program Specialist
• Lisa Snider, District Manager/Watershed Specialist
• Karlie Wright, Agricultural Technician, Soil Conservation

Economic Development:
• Jeremy Kelly, Planning & Business Dev. Manager
• Mimi Ritenour, Fiscal Officer

Finance & Administration:
• Cherie Brasile, Maint Worker 1, Facilities Maint
• Christine Brottish, Department Clerk 1 (PT), Treasurer
• Kathy Cipcic, Admin Assistant, Veterans Affairs
• Cara Cox, Human Services Specialist 1, HS
• Kate Daugherty, Auditor 1, Controllers
• Rachel Gillispie, Admin Assistant, Elections
• Carol Gooden, First Deputy, Controllers
• Rebecca Harris, Director, Human Resources
• Richard Hopkins, Fleet Manager, Maintenance
• Tina Kiger, Director, Elections
• Marge Kurilko, Second Deputy, Treasurers
• Ginelle Michael, Purchasing Agent, Chief Clerk
• Amie Nehls, Admin Assistant, Elections
• Vicki Rankin, Auditor 1, Controllers
• Vicki Steinmiller, License Clerk, Treasurer
• Ruthie Thornberg, County Webmaster, Chief Clerk

• Pam Blaker, Parks & Recreation Manager
• Debra Riggi, Secretary 1, Recreation
Law & Order:
• Mitzi Bailey, Intake Officer 2, Domestic Relations
• Candice Buchanan, First Deputy 2, Clerk of Courts
• Randi Chambers, Magisterial Assistant, District 13-3-01
• Eugene D'Antonio, Assistant Administrator,
    Juvenile Probation
• Daniel Donley, Court Recorder, Court of Common Pleas
• Beth Downer, Probation Officer 2, Adult Probation
• Marilyn Dubos, Enforcement Officer 2, Domestic Relations
• Ricky Eitner, Legal Secretary 1, District Attorney Office
• Jenna Freund, Court Recorder, Court of Common Pleas
• Megan Goodwin, Second Deputy, Clerk of Courts
• Jessica Harris, First Deputy Register, Register & Recorder
• Brad Hartman, Probation Officer 2, Adult Probation
• Jessica Harrison, First Deputy, Register & Recorder
• David Jones, Probation Officer 2, Adult Probation
• Janette Kline, Confidential Judicial Admin Assistant,
    Court of Common Pleas
• Violet Lawless, Caseworker, IDD Program
• Tricha Leary, Administrative Assistant, Prothonotary
• Maureen Maher, Legal Secretary 3, District Attorney
• Janine Mansell, 911 Telecommunications Officer 2,
    EM/911 Center
• Lisa Murdock, Second Deputy, Clerk of Courts
• Jeff Rhodes, 911 Supervisor, EM/911 Center
• Holly Riffle, Assistant Administrator, Adult Probation
• Jennifer Rizor, Probation Officer 1, Juvenile Probation
• Colin Sargent, Probation Officer 1, Juvenile Probation
• David Shaw, 911 Telecommunications Officer 2,
    EM/911 Center
• Tina Stewart, Legal Secretary 3, District Attorney
• Denise Thomas, Legal Secretary 3, Public Defender
• Laurie Thomas, Legal Secretary 2, Public Devender
Human Services:
• Amie Anderson, Administrative Assistant 2, CYS
• Marci Ayersman, Operation Safety Training Assistant/Secretary, Transportation Services
• Christine Barnhart, Family Resource Coordinator, CCIS
• Ashley Bishop, High Fidelity Wraparound, Youth Support Partner (PT)
• Pam H. Blaker, Transportation Program Specialist, Transportation Services
• Richard A. Blaker, Transportation Director, Transportation Services
• Edward Brizzi, Caseworker 1, CYS
• Rosanna Burris, Case Management Specialist, Drug & Alcohol Services
• Lauren Chambers, Early Intervention Director, IDD Program
• Deneen Chulick, IDD Program Director
• Lisa Cogar, Secretary, CYS
• Stacey Dikun, Secretary 2, Human Services Department
• Mary Ann Dispenze, Case Management Coordinator, CCIS
• Toni Ferencak, Case Management Coordinator, CCIS
• Amber Gauthier, Caseworker Supervisor 1, CYS
• Tammy Henderson, Administrative Assistant 2, Human Services
• Jessica Huggins, Social Services Aide 1, CCIS
• Renee Imhoff, Social Services Aide2, CYS
• Kayla Jeffries, Time Transportation Customer Service Rep, Transportation Services
• Siara Johnson, Fiscal Operations Officer, CYS
• Jennifer Jones, Caseworker 2, Human Services
• Toni Karlowicz, Secretary, CYS
• Zabryna Karnes, GPATH Homeless Outreach, Human Services
• Paul Kraich, Van Driver, Transportation Services
• Diane Krall, Caseworker, Mental Health Program
• George Lagos, Caseworker 2, Family Resource Coordinator, CCIS
• Jennifer Lash, SAFE Coordinator, Human Services
• Lisa Main, Fiscal Assistant 2, CYS
• Marcy Maletta, Chief Fiscal Officer, Human Services
• Shanna Meyers, Prevention Specialist Trainee, Drug & Alcohol Services
• Lisa Milan, High Fidelity Wraparound Coach/Supervisor, , HS
• Karen Pettit, Fiscal Technician II, Human Services
• Patricia Reynolds, Fiscal Technician 2, CYS
• Nicole Roberts, Social Services Aide 1, CCIS
• Cody Rush, Data Quality Associate (PT), Human Services
• Linda Rush, Caseworker 2, IDD Program
• Lucinda Sheaffer, Caseworker 2, CYS
• Jackie Sponaugle, Van Driver, Transportation Services
• Tracie Sypin, Prevention Specialist 1, Drug & Alcohol Services
• Maribeth Tarpley-Garrett, Block Grant Program Specialist, HS
• Melanie Trauth, Caseworker 3, Mental Health Program, HS
• Contessa Wilson, Caseworker 1, CYS
• Chelsea Wood, Caseworker 1, CYS
• Heather Yeager, Caseworker 2, Human Services

County Commissioners and wellness reward participants
  Pictures taken at the ceremony:
Paul Kraich
, Van Driver, HS

Toni Karlowicz
, Secretary CYS

Lisa Snider
, District Manager, GCCD

Becky Harris
, HR Director, and Chelsea Wood, Caseworker 1, CYS

Group of attendees

Congratulations — the stork has been busy!

Grandma Donna is happy to announce the arrival of her grandson, Bryce Matthew Litton, born October 12, 2016, weighing in at 7-lb 15-oz and 20-1/2 inches long.

"A Steelers fan just like his daddy!" The proud parents are Tasia Tharp and Jaime Litton, and the proud grandparents are Donna and Sonny Tharp all of Wind Ridge, PA.

Pictured is Bryce Matthew Litten along with his big sister Jaelyn Alexis Litten who is 5 years old.
Donna is the Greene County Register and Recorder at the courthouse.

April Brummage and her husband Clint are proud to announce the birth of their son, Kash Michael Brummage. Kash was born on October 11, 2016 at 3:06 am, and weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21 inches long. Kash’s grandparents are Roger and Janice VanDruff, Sara and Dick Powroznik, and Michael Brummage.

April is employed as an Environmental Program Specialist in our Greene County Conservation District.
Pictured sleeping and wide awake, is our little boy Kash, courtesy of his mommy April.

County receives funds donated by the Blue Knights
The Blue Knights' Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Chapter 16 in Greene County recently presented a check for $1,200 to the Greene County Children & Youth Services Foster Parent Program for their annual Christmas party for the children in the program. The money was part of the proceeds from the 13th annual Blue Ride, a joint effort between the Blue Knights and Washington Lodge 164 Free and Accepted Masons.

The Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired Law Enforcement Officers who enjoy riding motorcycles. There are more than 640 Blue Knight Chapters with approximately 20,000 members in 26 counties throughout Pennsylvania (PA Chapter XVI).

Participating in the check presentation, pictured left to right: Pat Lemley, CYS Advisory Board president; Frank Suppok, Blue Knights secretary; John Sheldon, Blue Knights member; and Stacey Courtwright, MSW Director with Greene County Children and Youth Services.   (Photo courtesy of Karen Bennett, HS Administrator)

9th Annual Halloween Spooktacular
Monday, October 31, downtown Waynesburg — Over 45 participants from businesses in the Chamber of Commerce and/or Waynesburg Borough participated this year in the Halloween Spooktacular.

Shanna Meyers placed 2nd in Best Individual. Crystal Walters won the basket with treats from Greene County Tourism, Waynesburg Borough and 5 Kidz Kandy.
  • Clerk of Courts:
    • Crystal Walters
    • Megan Goodwin
    • Candice Buchanan
    • Lisa Murdock
    • Janice Lahew
    • Sherry Wise

  • Greene Co. Economic & Development:
    • Mimi Ritenour
    • Mary Jane Kent (pictured)

  • Treasurer's Office:
    • Christine Brottish
    • Vickie Steinmiller

  • Greene County Human Services:
    • Shanna Meyers
    • Zabryna Karnes

  • Greene County IDA:
    • Crystal Simmons

  • Greene County Drug & Alcohol (Human Services):
    • Rosanna Burris
Crystal Walters, Spooktacular Basket winner (left) and
Mary Jane Kent, Spooktacular participant (right)

Spooktacular gathering

Shanna Meyers, Spooktacular 2nd place winner

Spooktacular gathering

Emergency Management & 9-1-1 Center
October 19 — Greene County Department of Emergency Services is appreciative of their new 14-foot trailer, and would like to thank the Chevron Corporation for donating for emergency responses within Greene County.

The trailer is equipped with supplies for responding to hydrocarbon spills along with a small command center area with a dri-erase board, desk area with a file cabinet and a generator to provide power for computers and lighting.

Photos courtesy of the Greene County Emergency Management and Department of Emergency Services facebook page

Recreation celebrates the holiday season with annual Santa breakfast, letter-writing program:
Santa Claus will be the focus of two upcoming activities hosted by the Greene County Department of Recreation.
Santa and Mrs. Claus will be the special guests at "Breakfast with Santa" from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 3.

The breakfast starts at 9 a.m. on the lower level of the 4-H Building at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Admission is $8 per person and includes a delicious breakfast catered by the Greene County Career & Technology Center Culinary Arts Program. Children will receive a picture with Santa, a Santa hat and a special treat. New this year, children attending will decorate cookies, including a cookie Christmas tree ornament.

Also, now through Wednesday, Dec 14, local children are invited to send letters to Santa in care of the Department of Recreation. Any child wishing to receive a personalized letter from Santa can simply send a letter with a completed letter request form to Greene County Department of Recreation, ATTN: Santa Claus, 107 Fairgrounds Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370.

Letter request forms include the child’s contact and basic information, including gender, age and any gifts requested from Santa, and must be completed by a parent or guardian. The "Dear Santa" templates are listed below:

| Santa letter 1 (Santa) | Santa letter 2 (snowman) |
| Santa letter 3 (sledding) | Santa letter 4 (candy cane) |
| Santa letter 5 (scroll) | Santa letter 6 (mistletoe & stocking) |
| Santa letter 7 (presents) | Santa letter 8 (stripes) |
| Santa letter 9 (dots) | Santa letter 10 (snowflakes) |

A completed form must accompany each letter, and please limit one request per child. Children should receive the letters before Christmas. There is no cost for a letter from Santa as funding has been provided through various sponsors and fundraising efforts the Department of Recreation holds throughout the year.

The holiday activities are sponsored by the Greene County Commissioners, Department of Recreation and Chapman Corporation.

For more information on "Breakfast with Santa," or the "Letters from Santa," call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

Recreation Department presents Essential Oils Christmas Workshop:
The Greene County Department of Recreation will host an Essentially Yours Christmas Gift Workshop featuring essential oils at 6 p.m. on December 1 in the upper-level of the 4-H Building at the Greene County Fairgrounds. The cost of the event is $5 per person.

Kelly Mackey will lead the event and supply information on the benefits of essential oils. Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as a single or complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired benefit.

Participants will be able to add-on "make and take" projects for $2 to $5 per project. Projects include aromatherapy jewelry, essential oil bath salts, peppermint body scrubs, Christmas room sprays and more.

Pre-registration is required for the event. For more information or to register, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

Relay for Life Greene Team Message:
Message from our Greene Team Captain, "Just wanted to again thank everyone who helped support our Vera Bradley Relay team fundraiser in any way. I am pleased to announce that we raised $3,664.77 at this event. Great job team!!!!"

With the holidays quickly approaching and many people getting packages shipped to their homes, I would like to ask anyone that is willing to save the “air” pillows used in shipping to please do so. These are great to use in making up baskets. In addition, any baskets, ribbon, etc. that you may be receiving and discarding otherwise; we can use those supplies as well. If we start collecting these and other things throughout the year, there won’t be so much to do later!   —Thanks, Jennifer Jones, Team Captain (724-852-5678)

Shoppers Beware! Avoid identity theft during the holiday season

USE CAUTION: Someone is shopping for a one-of-a-kind item — your identity!. It's the most wonderful time of the year - for identity thieves. You may feel pressured to get online or race to the mall to start checking gifts off your list, but being careless with your identity may mean months of recovery time. Before you do anything, take a deep breath, set a budget and plan a strategy that will assure your financial well-being.

Worry less about holiday fraud by taking these protective steps:
  • Be aware of camera phones. If you are paying at a register or restaurant or banking at an ATM, watch for people fidgeting with their phones. They could be trying to snap a picture of your card. Look all around before making a purchase.
  • Keep an eye on your cards. Whenever you had a credit card to a waiter clerk or cashier, pay attention to where it goes and for how long. Card skimming or copying of your card information commonly occurs at retail stores, gas stations and restaurants.
  • Shop with a slim wallet. Remove everything except one credit card and your driver's license. Carrying multiple credit cards, a passport, social security card and other items increases your risk of identity theft.
  • Remind cashiers to check IDs. Write "check photo ID" on the back of your credit card. This is an effective way to get clerks to check credit or debit cards with photo identification.
  • Watch out for pickpockets. To avoid being pickpocketed, tuck your purse under your arm, keep your wallet in your front pocket, and don't set your purse or wallet down where someone else may grab it.
  • Use a credit card when shopping online. When possible, select credit cards over debit cards when shopping online. For that matter, use a credit card when shopping in stores, too. Credit cards protect you against fraudulent charges under the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act.
  • Designate an online card. Use one credit card only for when you're making online purchases. It makes it easier to detect wrongful charges if they occur.
  • Shop at secure sites. When shopping online, choose companies that provide transaction security protection and that have strong privacy and security practices. Secure sties have a URL that begins with "https" instead of "http" in the address bar, or may display an icon of a locked padlock.
  • Use a secured connection. Never, ever shop online using a public Wi-Fi network. They are typically unsecured, making it much easier for thieves to capture your personal information.
  • Shop on recognized sites. More people bargain shop on unfamiliar sites during the holidays. Don't make purchases on sites you don't recognize just because the price is right, especially if they don't have a phone number or physical address listed. They might be part of a phishing scam to capture your credit card number.
So remember, protect your ID. The holiday season should be delightful, not frightful. (Source: AAA, Nov/Dec ed, pg 21)

Sheriff's Office hard at work!
Sheriff's Office apprehends escapee,
Nov. 4, 2016 | Press Release

Acting on a tip, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office apprehended Dustin S Rush, 32 on November 1, 2016 at a residence in Jacktown, PA. Rush was charged with escape by the Pennsylvania State Police when he fled from UPMC Mercy Hospital after being transported there for treatment from the Renewal Community Corrections Center on October 11, 2016. Deputies took him to the Greene County prison to await extradition. "Our Deputies did a great job with handling this incident from start to finish. Also, a huge thank you to the person responsible for the anonymous tip that led to the apprehension." Sheriff Brian Tennant said of the incident.
  Sheriff's Office apprehends wanted man,
Nov. 16, 2016 | Press Release

Acting on a tip, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office apprehended Corey J. Clingerman, 21 on November 15, 2016 at a residence in New Freeport, PA. Clingerman was charged by the Pennsylvania State Police in Bedford, PA with multiple charges, the lead being Rape of a Child. Warrants had been issued in those cases and he was taken in to custody on those warrants. Deputies took him to the Greene County prison to await extradition. "Once we received this tip, we acted swiftly to see this individual was apprehended and was no longer on the streets in Greene County. Also, thank you to the person responsible for the anonymous tip that led to the apprehension." Sheriff Brian Tennant said of the incident.

Greene County Conservation District reports:
Lindsay reports: that construction is underway on Greene County Memorial Hospital Foundation's fitness center located at Evergreene Technology Park. Several Erosion and Sedimentation Control plans have been received within the past two weeks. Staff members recently attended PA DEP's annual Chapter 102 & 105 training at State College, PA.   — Lindsay Kozlowski, Environmental Program Specialist & West Nile Virus Surveillance Technician.

Bill reports: that he assisted in the organization of the Timber Harvest Workshop held on October 12th, at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Additionally, he has been conducting site inspections and working on several loggers.   — Bill Wentzel, Environmental Program Associate

Zack reports: that he continues to review the Erosion and Sedimentation plans, in order to be completed before the training, which he attended in late October.   — Zack Basinger, Environmental Program Specialist, Soil Conservation
  Karlie reports: that she has been working with Mario Barchiese, Greene County's Recreation Facilities Manager and their consultant, to develop a nutrient management plan for the fairgrounds. This plan is also being development for the Gene Saurborn/Bobbi Bailey property in Whiteley Township.

Also work continues to preserve two Greene County farms, a parcel on the Ralph K. Bell property in Morgan Township and a parcel on the William Cree property in Cumberland Township, through the farmland preservation program. Once appraisal has been completed and the other is expected to be completed within a few days. The appraisal will then be presented to the Greene County Farmland Preservation Board for consideration.

Two other projects are nearly complete under the mini-grant program with another scheduled to begin soon.   — Karlie Wright, Agricultural Technician
Lisa & Jared report: that a draft copy of the final report on the South Fork of Ten-Mile Creek Watershed Assessment was distributed to board members. A grant was received from the Foundation for PA Watersheds (the John Dawes Foundation) to fund the assessment. It's hopeful that the assessment completion will result from the acquisition of additional grants to correct the problems identified in the watershed. Board members were asked to review the report and submit comments to the conservation district office.   — Lisa Snider, District Manager, & Jared Zinn, Watershed Specialist

Greene County Elections Office:
The first Friday after each election, the County Return Board meets at 9:00 a.m. to compute and canvas the returns of the Elections. This is done for the Primary and General Elections each year. The Return Board is sworn in by a member of the County Board of Elections.

Therefore, on Friday, November 11, Commissioner Zimmerman, Chairman of the Election Board, gladly complied with the regulations of swearing-in our three staff members from the Greene County Elections Office, Tina, Amie, & Rachel.

The job of the County Return Board is to take all the information that is returned from each individual precinct (polling location) and compare the numbers that were returned on Election night to ensure that all votes were properly compiled from all of the removable storage media associated with the voting machines in each precinct. The Return Board also tallies up any write-in votes.

Pictured from left to right: Rachel Gillispie, Department Clerk; Tina Kiger, Director; and Amie Nehls, Administrative Assistant   —Thanks, Commissioner Blair Zimmerman

Greene County Veteran's Affairs (VA) Office:
  • NOTICE to Veterans of Greene County: The DAV Van that transports veterans to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) Pittsburgh for their health care needs, has December schedule changes for the Christmas holiday. The van will run on Tuesday-Friday, December 27th-30th only, with no pickup on Monday, December 26. The van will continue as usual leaving at 7:30 am each morning at the Burger King in Waynesburg. For more information, call the Veterans Affairs Office at 724-852-5275.

  • December dates to remember:
    • December 8: War declared on Japan (1941). The United States Congress declared war (Public Law 77-328, 55 STAT 795) on the Empire of Japan in response to that country's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor the prior day. It was formulated an hour after the Infamy Speech of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Following the declaration, Japan's allies, Germany and Italy, declared war on the United States, bringing the United States fully into World War II.
    • December 18: Iraq War ended (3/20/2003-12/18/2011)
    • December 15: Bill of Rights Day
    • December 20: Panama Campaign began (1989) - code name Operation Just Cause
    • December 20: Official end of WWII (1946)
    • December 31: Kosovo Campaign ended (2013)
    —Thanks, Dalene Watson, VA Director (724-852-5274)

Information Technology (IT) Office:
Foundations Pictometry with the assistance of our IT guys, hosted a Pictometry Training webinar on Wednesday, Nov 9. The training was free and open to anyone from the county, including townships, boroughs, and authorities. The training was a repeat of the September 21 class.

Also offered was the Continued Learning class on November 22 and hosted by Foundations Pictometry with the assistance of our IT Department.

Webinars are offered via the Internet, using a screen-sharing platform as a method of training to allow participants from various locations to attend the same session. Both classes were well attended, thanks to all who participated. —Thanks, Scott Kelley, IT Director (724-852-5296)

Calendar OF Events
Be sure to check out the many upcoming events Greene County has to offer!

December 2, 2016 | Holiday Open House — downtown Waynesburg from 5:00-8:30 pm. FMI, call 724-627-8119.

December 2, 2016 | Skate & Dance — at Mon View Roller Rink, Greensboro. This season, every Friday will feature a "Skate & Dance" from 7 to 11 p.m. with skating from 7-9 p.m. and dancing from 9-11 p.m. Open skating will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturdays. Admission for all attendees will be $8 on Friday nights and $5 on Saturday nights. FMI, call the rink at 724-843-3440 or the Dept of Rec at 724-852-5323.

December 3, 2016 | Waynesburg Christmas Parade — The Waynesburg Area Chamber of Commerce has begun planning the 2016 Downtown Waynesburg Christmas Parade to be held Saturday, December 3rd at 2:00pm. The execution of the Parade is underwritten by FirstEnergy Foundation. Click HERE for the Nov. 2 press release. Anyone wishing to participate in the parade that did not receive an application is asked to download the parade application by visiting the Chamber website at For more information contact the Chamber office at 724-627-5926.

December 3, 2016 | Christmas in the Burg — held in downtown Waynesburg from 5-8pm. A celebration of the areas culinary and entertainment treasures in an old-fashioned Christmas Cookie Contest. $25. FMI, call Bret Moore at 724-998-0937.

December 3 & 4, 2016 | Christmas Open House — Christmas Open House at the Greene County Historical Society from 3-7pm.

December 3, 2016 | Breakfast with Santa — Recreation Department celebrates the holiday season with their annual Santa breakfast and letter-writing program. Santa Claus will be the focus of two upcoming activities hosted by the Greene County Department of Recreation. Santa and Mrs. Claus will be the special guests at "Breakfast with Santa" from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 3. Click HERE for event information, flyers, and templates for Santa letters. FMI, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

December 4, 2016 | Musical Mikes Christmas Craft Show — held Sunday, Dec 4. from 10am - 4pm at the Carmichaels Elementary School gymnasium in Carmichaels, PA. FMI, contact the Carmichaels Elementary School at 724-966-5045 or email to Erin Brury (

December 6, 2016 | You are not along — anyone who would be interested in attending – the third session is December 6 from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Westmoreland County Community College – Greene County Campus (100 Evergreene Drive, Waynesburg). This is a support group for Parents and Caregivers of Adults and Children dealing with Mental Illness. The facilitators of the support group are trained by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). The group is sponsored by Greene County Human Services. Light refreshments will be served. Please share this information with anyone who you feel could benefit! Contact myself at 724-852-5276, Kevin Morris at 724-710-4523, or Barb Ruschak at 724-833-5779 for more information! Click HERE for event flyer and/or HERE for brochure. FMI, call Melanie Trauth, CASSP Coordinator at 724-852-5276 x509.

December 9, 2016 | Skate & Dance — at Mon View Roller Rink from 7 to 11 p.m. FMI, call Mon View Roller Rink at 724-943-3440, or the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

December 10, 2016 | A Community Christmas Celebration — Center Township presents "A Community Christmas Celebration" on Saturday, December 6 at the Rogersville Community Bank. Come out and support the community by bringing the holiday season in with cheer! Pictures with Santa at Kesterson-Rush Funeral Home. Parade at 4:00 pm | Tree decorating at 5:00 pm | Tree lighting at 5:30 pm. Click HERE for event flyer. FMI, contact the Center Township office at 724-499-5487.

December 10, 2016 | Annual Mt. Morris Christmas Craft Show — held at the Mt. Morris VFD from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

December 10, 2016 | Annual Mt. Morris annual Christmas Parade — held from 2:00-3:00 pm.

December 11, 2016 | Holiday Craft Blast — sponsored by Nathanael Greene CDC will be held on Sunday, December 11th from 11 am-5 pm at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Homemade soups and sandwiches will be available along with 4 rooms bringing you the finest crafters in the region. Come out to do your last minute Christmas shopping. Raffle baskets will also be available with a donation from the Steelers of a signed picture of Antonio Brown. FMI, call Mary Shine at 724-943-4462.

December 14, 2016 | Electronics Collection! — the quarterly electronics collection to be held at the Greene County Fairgrounds, rabbit barn from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Event sponsored by State Representative Pam Snyder and the Greene County Commissioners, Blair Zimmerman, Dave Coder, and Archie Trader. Legislative staff will be on hand to answer questions on state-related programs such as CHIP or Property Tax/Rent Rebate. Click here. FMI, call Rep. Pam Snyder's office at 724-966-8953.

December 16, 2016 | Skate & Dance — at Mon View Roller Rink from 7 to 11 p.m. FMI, call Mon View Roller Rink at 724-943-3440, or the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

December 23 & 26, 2016 | County Government Holiday — MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

December 26, 2016 | County Holiday — county government offices will be closed on Monday, December 26, 2016 in observance of Christmas. Note that the Greene County Transportation Office will also be closed, arrangements for Tuesday, December 26 should be made by Friday, December 23. FMI, call the individual offices.

December 30, 2016 | Holiday Escape — Held on Friday, December 30 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Mon View Skating Rink in Greensboro, PA. All children must be accompanied by an adult! Free skating and food, games, and prices. Event is sponsored by the Greene County Commissioners, Human Services Department, and the Greene County MAGIC Collaborative, Family Stability Community Team. Click here for event flyer. FMI, call Department of Rec at 724-852-5323 or Human Services at 724-852-5276.

If you would like to submit an article to the "Greene County Gazette," please email Ruth Thornberg or phone 724-852-5384.

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