April 19, 2017 News Release: Conservation District promoting Soil & Water Stewardship Week, Greene County Government, Pennsylvania

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News Release

County of Greene, Pennsylvania
Contact: JoAnne Marshall
Communications Director

Conservation District promoting Soil and Water Stewardship Week
FOR RELEASE — April 19, 2017

WAYNESBURG, PA — The Greene County Conservation District (GCCD) is celebrating Soil and Water Stewardship Week during April 23-29, 2017. This year's theme is "Healthy Soils are Full of Life." Two additional celebrations during the week include Earth Day and Arbor Day.

In regard of the upcoming celebrations, the GCCD would like to encourage everyone to join a local conservation group, help with a local clean up and get involved with the local groups protecting and enhancing the county’s natural resources.

Soils are an important part of the food chain. Ensuring healthy soils will ensure healthy meals for families. Soils remain a resource that is protected so that local farmers can produce the food we consume. As they work to produce food for the growing population, today’s farmers and ranchers are dedicated to using responsible land-management practices to ensure a sustainable food supply and healthy land and soil for future generations.

This is the GCCD’s 61st year working towards the mission of committing to protection, stewardship and conservation of Greene County’s natural resources to ensure a wise balance between the protection of the environment and the benefit of county landowners. Over the past year, the GCCD Board Members and staff have worked diligently and thoughtfully to promote and protect a diverse range of natural resources within the County. It is the District’s belief that conservation works best when people who live and work in a community come together to collectively manage their natural resources. Valuable partnerships are formed when diversity is brought into the conversation and decision-making process.

The Greene County Commissioners proclaimed April 23-29, 2017, Soil and Water Stewardship Week during their April 19 agenda meeting. The schedule of events for the week include announcing the winners of the school poster contest and pre-K coloring contest, educational events within area schools, outreach through a special edition newsletter and radio spots.
For more information about Stewardship Week and conservation, contact the GCCD at 724-852-5278 or www.co.greene.pa.us/gccd.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Karlie Wright, GCCD Agricultural Technician; Lindsay Kozlowski, GCCD Environmental Program Specialist; Bill Wentzel, GCCD Board of Directors; April Brummage, GCCD Environmental Program Specialist; Lisa Snider, GCCD District Manager; Commissioner Blair Zimmerman; and Tom Headlee, GCCD Board of Directors Treasurer.

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