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Office of Economic Development

49 South Washington Street
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Recycling Centers in Greene County
Department of Economic Development
, Robbie Matesic, Executive Director
Contact Person: Mimi Ritenour, Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator

49 South Washington Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Phone: 724-852-5234
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday

Recycling Drop-off locations in Greene County (listed by municipality):

May 20, 2015
Municipality Location of Collection Trailer
1 Aleppo Township Slag Pile Across from Brethren Church, Green Valley Road, Aleppo
2 Center Township Township Building, 100 Municipal Drive, Rogersville
3 Cumberland Township Township Building, 100 Municipal Road, Carmichaels
4 Dunkard Township Bobtown-Shannopin Civic Club, 777 Larimer Avenue, Bobtown
5 Jackson Township Township Building, 104 Tunnel Road, Holbrook
6 Monongahela Township Township Building, 128 Maple Ridge Rd., Greensboro
7 Morris Township Township Building on PA Rt. 18 North near Ninevah
8 Richhill Township Township Gravel Site, about 2 mi. west of Wind Ridge just off Rt. 21 on Headley Hollow Road.
9 Washington Township Greene Arc Recycling Facility, Dunns Station Road at Ruff Creek.
10 Wayne Township Across from the Township Building, 132 Spraggs Road, Spraggs
11 Waynesburg Waynesburg University parking lot on Franklin Street.
(Thursdays from 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM)
* Volunteers needed to be Eco-Stewards at the Waynesburg University trailer during school breaks.

For more information on recycling in Greene County or becoming an Eco-Steward, call Greene Arc at:
    197 Dunn Station Road, Prosperity, PA 15329
    Office: 724-627-5511, 197 Dun Station Road, Prosperity, PA 15329,
    or the Ruff Creek recycling center at 724-852-3062 / Website:
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Sources of municipal waste in Greene County:
Determining what is municipal waste is based on as much on who generates it or where it was generated as it is on specific physical characteristics of the material. According to the PA Environmental Quality Board's Municipal Waste Regulations, municipal waste is garbage, refuse, industrial lunchroom or office waste and other material, including solid, liquid, semi-solid or contained gaseous material resulting from operation of residential, municipal, commercial or institutional establishments and from community activities, and sludge not meeting the definition of "residual" or "hazardous waste" from a municipal, commercial or institutional water supply treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant or air pollution control facility. That is a rather board and inclusive categorization of materials from the County to manage.

Municipal waste is generated where we live, work, and play. Every household, business, and community activity within Greene County is a generator of municipal waste in some form. A variety of sources can be identified as generators of the type of municipal waste with which most of us are familiar. They include residences, commercial establishments, government buildings, institutions, and community events. Others generate special types that are less recognizable as municipal solid waste to the average person. Therefore, as the County revised its Plan for proper solid waste management, it examined many factors to ensure that the special needs and conditions of all of these entities were considered and incorporated.

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