The Greene Gazette E-Newsletter for March 2017 from the Greene County Board of Commissioners, Greene County, Pennsylvania

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GREENE COUNTY, PA — Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Greene County Commissioners
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Phone: 724-852-5210
County Office Building, 3rd Floor
93 East High Street
Waynesburg, PA 15370

For Immediate Release
Ruth Thornberg, Webmaster

Compiled by Kelli Rishell
Administrative Assistant &
Ruth Thornberg, Webmaster

Edited by JoAnne Marshall
Communications Director

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County Government Holiday

County Transportation Services schedule

Greene Team Relay for Life has already raised almost $5,000 and still counting!

Quilt Raffle Fundraiser

$3 tickets w/2 numbers on them.
FMI, contact Jennifer Jones, Team Captain
at 724-852-5276.
Anyone recognize this Leprechaun??
This unidentifiable bearded fairy is a county employee who made several appearances on March 17th

Looks familiar, and up to their usual-fun-mischievous-roguish-trickster, fairy-magic self!

FMI, call HR at 724-852-4200

April 3-6 & 8
Click image to open

FMI, call Center Township at 724-499-5487

April 3-8
FMI, call the Waynesburg Merchants Guild
at 724-627-5926

April 8
Friends of Ryerson Station State Park

Volunteers are needed! Help clean areas of the park and park roads from debris and litter that has accumulated over the course of the year. Maps, gloves and bags will be distributed to volunteers. Staff will be on hand to help load the bags into the pickup trucks. Reflective vests will also be distributed to those who work along the roadsides. Anyone interested in helping can stop by the park office and complete a DCNR Volunteer Application for an individual or group, if you are not already a volunteer at Ryerson Station State Park. Thank you for your help!

April 8
Open for registration form

FMI, call 724-852-5323

Autism Fundraiser Event
FMI, call 724-550-6467

April 12 drawing

FMI, Nancy with the Area Agency on Aging at 724-852-1510

FMI, call 724-774-6747

2017 Tax Filing Season

You have until Tuesday, April 18, 2017 to file their 2016 returns & pay any taxes due.
The deadline is later this year due to several factors. The usual April 15 deadline falls on Saturday this year, which would normally give taxpayers until at least the following Monday. However, Emancipation Day, a D.C. holiday, is observed on Monday, April 17, giving taxpayers nationwide an additional day to file. By law, D.C. holidays impact tax deadlines for everyone in the same way federal holidays do. Taxpayers requesting an extension will have until Monday, Oct. 16, 2017 to file.
IRS Tax Season

FMI, call 724-852-5323

FMI, call Washington Township
at 724-627-6471

FMI, call 724-943-4462

Greene County Relay for Life — Upcoming Events:
  • Team Hope is accepting donations for homemade key chains. $5.00 per key chain. Contact
  • CGSD AND MOOSE FAMILY PRIDE QUARTER MANIA on Saturday April 8th at The Waynesburg Moose from 12:00-3:00. Admission $5.00. Bring lots of quarters.
  • Greene County and Friends Quilt Raffle. Hand picked and quilted by Pansy Six. $3.00 per ticket for two numbers. Drawing based on PA Lottery Saturday May 6th at 7:00pm. Contact Alberta Jones 724-451-8470.
  • PDRA Kick Cancer's Azz Motorcycle Run is Saturday May 13. Registration is from 10-11:30 am at Waynesburg Yamaha. Run leaves at 12 pm. $15 for riders and $5 for passengers. Event shirts $10. 90 mile run through Greene County and ends at Waynesburg VFW.
  • PDRA Cruisin for a Cure May 20th at Alpha Aquatic Park in Waynesburg 12-4. Registration is $15 per car and spectators free.

Bowlby Public Library — April Events:
  • April 6 | Coding Camp | Thu 5 PM
  • April 6 | Creative Crafting for Adults | Thu 5 PM
  • April 6 | Genealogy Workshop | Thu 5:30 PM
  • April 7 | After Hours Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt | Fri 4 PM
  • April 15 | CPR Certification Class | Sat 9:30 AM
Click HERE for April 2017 News Release
311 N. West Street, Waynesburg
FMI, call 724-627-9776

Quarterly Electronics Recycling:

FMI, call Mimi Ritenour at 724-852-5300

Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful

FMI, call 724-627-9054

Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency

Visitors Guide

Hot off the presses, our 2016-17 Official Visitors Guides has arrived!! This full-color, 36-page guide features events, attractions, and photos of your friends and neighbors! To request a copy (or 100), call 724-627-8687 or e-mail tourism.

Domestic Relations Locate List (3/28/2017):
DR needs your help in obtaining mailing addresses for the several individuals, please contact the DRS Office at 742-852-5214 should you know the whereabouts or address for any of the following individuals:
  1. BARLOW, Travis A.
  2. BLACKWELL, David Eric Jr.
  3. BLOSSER, Eric Gene
  4. BOWMAN, Teresa Marie
  5. BRAUN, Michael A.
  6. BROOKS, Amber Marie
  7. BROWNFIELD, Justin S.
  8. BUNDY, Bruce A. Jr.
  9. CALLOWAY, Ronita L.
  10. CAMPBELL, Nicholas A.
  11. CONARD, Robert Lee
  12. CUMBERLAND, Belinda J.
  13. CUTWRIGHT, Jason M.
  14. ELLIS, Roland vance Jr.
  15. FISHER, Jason R.
  16. HATFIELD, Cynthia L.
  18. HILLIER, Seth B.
  20. HUFFMAN, Justine M.
  21. JOHNSON, Darnell L.
  22. KING, Douglas A.
  23. KING, William A.
  24. KNOW, Kevin L. Jr.
  25. LANDMAN, Earl E. Jr.
  26. LEVIGNE, Boyd L.
  30. LIPSCOMB, Christopher M.
  31. LOHR, William D.
  32. MARTIN, Craig M. Sr.
  33. MC CLAIN, Bobby Joe
  34. MC CLARREN, Melanie E.
  35. MC DONALD, Dion A. Sr.
  36. MERRITT, Jeremy
  37. NAPOLEON, Malention S. Jr.
  38. PATTERSON, Gary Anthony
  39. PETTIS, Brian K.
  40. RENNER, David M.
  41. RILEY, Robert L.
  42. ROGERS, Mark A.
  43. ROSE, Justin
  44. RUDNICK, Terry Lee Jr.
  45. SARGENT, Justin Michael
  46. SCRITCHFIELD, Lee James
  47. SNYDER, Lorel
  48. SOLIZ, Jose Antonio
  49. STAGGERS, Star D.
  50. STILES, Steve
  51. SUPLER, Mark
  52. TEMPLE, Ashley N.
  53. VANBUSKIRK, Brandon
  54. WALLS, Tabitha
  55. WALTERS, Natasha M.
  56. WIGNAR, Janice
  57. WILSON, Harley D.
  58. WRIGHT, Michael Douglas

  Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

During their March 2 regular meeting, Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the week of March 5 to 11, 2017 Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Pennsylvania Keystone Chapter reports that in our state more than 23,000 people are living with MS, and that the disease generally strikes people in the prime of life, between ages 20 through 50, and the cause and course of the often-debilitating symptoms of MS remain unknown and no cure currently exists. The Greene County Commissioners recognize the importance of finding the cause and cure of MS and encourage all residents to learn more about MS and what they can do to support individuals with MS and their families.

Angela Baker, MS Support and Group facilitator, thanked the Commissioners and Greene County for the proclamation. Baker facilitates MS Connections at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month at Washington Health System – Greene. She encourages anyone to attend, including care givers and the community, so that they may become more understanding of MS.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Commissioner Dave Coder; Commissioner Archie Trader; Angela Baker; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.

  Intellectual Disabilities Awareness

During their March 2 regular meeting, Greene County Commissioners proclaimed the month of March 2017 Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month. The proclamation offers advocates of developmental disabilities an opportunity to educate the public, policymakers and other system professionals about the challenges that come with intellectual disabilities. The proclamation also recognizes the thousands of service providers that support individuals with intellectual disabilities to lead full and productive lives within society.

Susan McDaniel, an Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities program participant, was also presented with a special certificate acknowledging her outstanding program achievements. McDaniel has been in the program “forever and ever” according to Deneen Chulick, IDD director. In 2014, McDaniel relocated to the Ewing House, LLC and has shown great successes.

In addition, Chulick shared information on the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign that is an on-going effort to raise the consciousness of society about the dehumanizing and hurtful effects of the word “retard(ed)” and encourages people to pledge to stop using the R-word. Local school districts are showing their support and taking the pledge by making videos, signing petitions, having a “wear blue” day and sharing posts on their social media pages.

Pictured, from l. to r., are Belinda Lillyey, program specialist; Commissioner Dave Coder; Alex Gallentin, direct care provider; Barry Ewing, Ewing House, LLC owner; Jonathan Rowe, friend; Commissioner Archie Trader; Susan McDaniel; Stacey Mason, IDD supports coordinator; Joyce Ewing, CEO of Ewing House, LLC; Deneen Chulick; and Commissioner Blair Zimmerman.

  Commissioner reads to the children
The Early Intervention Program has been awarded the Results Grant through the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) for the second year, allowing them to host another series of playgroups for the children in their program. The focus is to provide literacy rich activities for our young children and encourage their Parents/ Caregivers to have positive, language rich interactions with their children.
They will host 6 Playgroups, each including ; a story, a craft, a game, a snack, CELL (educational) materials, and a take home kit. 2 Sessions have been held and 20 children have attended thus far. On March 14th, Commissioner Zimmerman joined the group as their Guest Reader with "Move Over Rover".

Pictured at the Playgroup is Commissioner Blair Zimmerman reading to the children and enjoying their little smiles as they get involved in the activities of the playgroup. (Click on any of the images to enlarge photo)

  Commissioners wish Dean good luck!

Dean has worked in our Greene County Human Services office for 18 years and has been dedicated to our cause of helping people in need of our services. He has been instrumental in adapting our human services delivery system to the changing needs through the breaking of the Joinder, closure of Mayview State Hospital, implementation of the Block grant, and the change of county mental health delivery that assures consumers have choices and can make their own lifestyle changes.

We will miss Dean but look forward to working with him as the County Jail counselor as we enhance our services to the criminal justice population.

Everyone wishes Dean good luck in his new endeavors. (Click images to enlarge... pics courtesy of Lauren Chambers, HS.

  Commissioners Announce Writing Awards

In the latest Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS 2013/2015) of county students, the most significant risk factor was a belief that trends amongst students favored drug and alcohol use. The most significant prevention factor was a belief that there were too few activities offered that do not involve drugs and alcohol.

The Commissioners' Award will attempt to address these factors by having students "Say it in words" by submitting an article, essay, poem, song, or other written work based on the following topics:
  • Healthy activities available in Greene County that do not involve drugs and alcohol.
  • Unhealthy physical and negative, legal consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.
We invite all five school districts to compete in this competition. All submissions will be judged by a select panel and cash awards will be presented to the top five winners. Electronic copies of submissions are to be submitted, preferably in WORD or PDF format, to:

Jeff Marshall, jmarshall, Chief Clerk, Greene County Commissioners, no later than 4:30p.m. on Monday, April 10, 2017.

Click HERE for writing information. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Greene County Commissioners Office at 724-852-5210.

  This Month in Greene County Government...

Board of Commissioners:
During the commissioners' regular board meeting on Thursday, March 2, the Commissioners made the following motions:

• Under Finance & Administration:
  • Agreement between the County of Greene and Penn Commercial Business/Technical School for externships
  • Project from Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority for State Route 18 water line extension. The County is anticipating that it will receive Marcellus Impact Fee Funding (Act 13) in 2017. From the proceeds the County is considering a $300,000 commitment towards the project this action will be part of the County’s 2017 Impact Fee budget agenda.
  • Proposal from EADS Architects, Inc. for professional services in the 2017 grant funded projects at the Fairgrounds Building #8 and the Magisterial District Court at the Airport Administration Building.
  • Contract proposal from Jesse L. Fiske, Sr., LLC for masonry walls/ investigation in the Fort Jackson Building in the amount of $9,900.
  • Contract proposal from Jesse L. Fiske, sr., LLC for structural and water penetration examination in the Clock Tower in the amount of $4,950.
  • PCCD Grant for the Greene County Sheriff’s office for nine portable radios in the amount of $24,581
• Under Bridges, the Commissioners approved the Widmer Engineering design ($106,953.48) and construction inspection ($47,535.92) for County Bridge #8 (Perry Township).

• Under Veterans Affairs, the Commissioners approved the care and maintenance of the following:
  • 196 graves in the Garards Fort Cemetery located in Greene Township
  • 6 graves in the Bald Hill Cemetery located in Dunkard Township
  • 20 graves in the Phillips Cemetery located in Wayne Township
  • 54 graves in the Braddock Cemetery located in Richhill Township
  • 67 graves in the St. Ann’s Parish Cemetery located in Franklin Township
  • 333 graves in the Laurel Point Cemetery located in Cumberland Township
  • 31 graves in the Highland Cemetery located in Dunkard Township
• Under Emergency Management, the Commissioners approved the following:
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency 9-1-1 Fund Statewide Interconnectivity Funding Grant Agreement
  • Professional Services Agreement between the County of Greene and MCM Consulting Group, Inc. in the amount of $37,323.00
• The Commissioners made the following proclamations:
  • March 5, 2017 through March 11, 2017 to be proclaimed as MS Awareness Week
  • Month of March for Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month

During the commissioners' regular board meeting on Thursday, March 16, the Commissioners made the following motions:

• Under Finance & Administration: the Commissioners approved the following:
  • Drawings from Pennoni for the construction of the airport access road east and parking lot.
  • Widmer's supplemental proposal to obtain a permit from the DEP for wetland delineations, bridge demolition and maintenance in the amount of $6,500
• Under Tax Claims, in accordance with the Real Estate Tax sale (Act of July 7, 1947, P.L. 1368 No. 542), Section 613, as amended, notice is hereby given that a proposed sale price in the amount $2,000, plus fees, has been received and approved by the tax claim bureau of the County of Greene for the private sale of the following property: Parcel # 05-06-119 located in Cumberland Township.

• Under Veterans Affaris, the Commissioners approved the agreement for the care and maintenance of the following:
  • 95 graves in the Glades Church Cemetery located in Cumberland Township
  • 74 graves in the Calughton Cemetery located in Whiteley Township
  • 70 graves in the West Union Cemetery located in Morris Township
• Under EMA, the Commissioners approved a contract between the County of Greene and Mission Critical Partners for regional computer aided dispatch projects in the amount of $25,000.

• Under Drug & Alcohol, the Commissioners approved the Community Foundation of Greene County Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement.

• Under Children & Youth Services, the Commissioners approved the FY2016/2017 2nd Quarter Act 148 quarterly report of expenditures.

• Under Recreation, the Commissioners awarded the following recreation mini grants in the amount of $21,000 to:
  • Greensboro Youth Baseball in the amount of $2,000 for Greensboro Youth baseball field updates
  • Jefferson/Jags in the amount of $1,500 for field dirt
  • Cumberland Township/King Coal Youth Baseball in the amount of $2,000 for field light project
  • Center Township/Rogersville Youth Baseball in the amount of $3,000 for park and field improvements
  • Waynesburg Baseball Boosters in the amount of $1,500 to upgrade baseball field
  • Washington Township in the amount of $2,000 for township park fencing
  • Jefferson Township/Jefferson Morgan Youth Baseball in the amount of $2,000 for baseball field improvement project
  • Waynesburg Borough/Franklin Township in the amount of $2,000 for Meadowlark Park upgrade
  • Izzak Walton League of America in the amount of $1,500 for enhancement of recreation in Ten Mile Creek
  • Dunkard Girls Youth Softball Association in the amount of $2,000 for patio roof
  • Waynesburg Youth Baseball Association in the amount of $1,500 to upgrade bronco and pony baseball fields
• Under Tourism, the Commissioners awarded the following community events and projects grants in the amount of $25,000 to:
  • High Point National in the amount of $2,500.
  • Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall in the amount of $2,500.
  • Flashlight Drags in the amount of $2,000.
  • Lucas Oil Expo Pull in the amount of $2,000.
  • White Covered Bridge Festival in the amount of $2,000.
  • Extreme Bull Riding in the amount of $1,500 Sheep and Fiber Festival in the amount of $1,500.
  • 50s Fest and Car Cruise in the amount of $1,000.
  • Art Blast on the Mon in the amount of $1,000.
  • Aviation Day in the amount of $1,000 Greene County Fair in the amount of $1,000.
  • King Coal Show in the amount of $1,000.
  • Rain Day Festival in the amount of $1,000.
  • Riverfest in the amount of $1,000.
  • Cruisin’ for a Cure in the amount of $500.
  • Harvest Festival in the amount of $500.
  • Kick Cancer’s Butt Motorcycle Run in the amount of $500.
  • Lippencott Alpacas Open House in the amount of $500.
  • Native American Weekend in the amount of $500.
  • Sounds of Summer in the amount of $500.
  • Motor Madness Car Show in the amount of $300.
  • Steampunk Garden Party in the amount of $250.
  • Warrior Trail Tom Breiding Performance in the amount of $250.
  • Holiday Craft Balst in the amount of $200
• The Commissioners awarded to Capital Development and Improvements Grants in the amount of $10,000 to the following:
  • Recreation Information Signage Project in the amount of $5,000
  • Carmichaels Area Historical Digitization Project in the amount of $3,500
  • Warrior Trail Maintenance in the amount of $1,500
• Under IDA, the Commissioners approved an agreement between the County of Greene, the Industrial Development Authority and Sharon Rodavich to act as an independent contractor performing duties as a consultant in Business/Community Development.

Prison Board:
During the Prison Board meeting on Thursday, March 16, the Commissioners made the following motions:
  • Security:
    • Have removed ten (10) double bunks from G-Unit and ten (10) double bunks from H-Unit to allow correct supervision of the units. These bunks have been dismantled and stored in the basement of the Fort Jackson building temporarily pending a permanent storage area or other disposition. The removal of these bunks brings the current bunk capacity to H and G units to forty (40) inmates each.
  • Treatment:
    • The male work crew spent the first few weeks of this month working for RACG at Crucible house #82 and at the Centennial Church of God in Aleppo replacing ceiling tiles and some general painting. They are scheduled for work details at the Greene County Museum next week. The female work crew is back on schedule and is conducting work details at the Humane Society, St. Anne’s food kitchen, and a specific cleaning detail at the Waynesburg Sportsman Club.
  • Training:
    • Will have staff members participating in training at SCI Greene on March 16, 2017 and March 20, 2017 for scheduled block training at the facility. These course topics will be presented from 0600 through 1400 hours and will include the following subjects: Transportation, Restraints, Riot and Individual Baton, Inmate Supervision and others.
  • Maintenance:
    • County maintenance was notified on March 13, 2017 regarding an interior cell block door malfunction. The individual cell doors were secured at 2100 hours with chains and pad locks and on the following morning they returned with a welder and were able to repair the door.
    • On March 15, 2017 Deputy Kraus met with Mr. Russ Beeson for PSX Group regarding a bid for the installation of an intercom system to replace the existing one installed by Montgomery Technologies Systems. Mr. Beeson stated that he would attempt to have his bid in by Friday, March 17, 2017.
  • Financial Report:
    • Fayette County currently owes $22,850.00 for the month of February in regards to rental fees and paid $26,300.00 for the month of January.
    • Deposits totaling $1,280.00 have been made with the Treasurer's office for February's work release and weekend inmates.

Retirement Board:
During the Salary Board meeting on Thursday, March 15, Commissioner Trader made the motion and Commissioner Coder the second to go into executive session at 10:20 am. Commissioner Trader made the motion and Commissioner Coder the second to come back to meeting from executive session at 10:30. Executive session was to discuss a personnel issue and get advice from the County Solicitor.

The Retirement Board approved an agreement between the County of Greene and Korn Ferry/Hay Group for a windowTheees compatible pension estimator in the amount of $7,500.

The 2016 employee pension statements were distributed Friday, March 17, 2017.

Salary Board:
During the Retirement Board meeting on Thursday, March 16, the commissioners approved the summer interns for 2017 for these departments: District Attorney, Controller, Human Resources, and Parks & Recreation.

The Commissioners also approved the following personnel actions:
New Hires:
  • Nathan Bilonick, temporary Laborer, RDA
  • Breann Fuller, full time Mental Health Director
  • Cathy Kerik, regular full time Custodial Worker I
  • Erin Kuhns, regular full time Caseworker I
  • Tina Statler, regular full time Fiscal Assistant I
  • Pamela Sue White, regular full time Licensed Practical Nurse, Jail
  • Cherie Brasile as regular full time Legal Secretary I, Public Defender
  • Maureen Maher to the newly created Office Manager position, DA
  • Theresa Parry from probationary to regular County Caseworker I
  • Leon Price as regular full time 911 Telecommunicator I
  • Judy Rush to regular part time 911 Telecommunicator I
  • Lisa Cogar to Secretary II, CYS
  • Shanna Meyers to regular full time Drug & Alcohol Prevention Specialist
  • Bruce Shipley to regular full time Maintenance Worker I
  • John Michael Dulaney as regular part time Tip Staff
Remove from Payroll:
  • Joel Ankrom, casual Corrections Officer
  • Damon Belford, temporary Redevelopment Authority Laborer
  • Travis Miller, casual Corrections Officer
  • Melody Kennedy, CYS Fiscal Assistant
  • John Michael Dulaney, Custodial Worker
  • Theresa Parry, CYS Caseworker I
  • Kevin Beal from regular part time to casual Tip Staff
  • Dean Virgili to regular full time Jail Counselor

  County Commissioners welcome new county employees

The Commissioners would like — to take time to welcome our new employees that were hired, and introduce each new hire to the rest of our county employees. Welcome to the county and we hope that you are happy in your new position. We have an open door policy for all our employees, and hope that you feel comfortable to drop in should you have any concerns.

The County Employee Handbook can be accessed through our intranet website for employees only, or you can obtain a copy of the handbook at the Human Resources office at any time. We expect all of our employees to abide with the rules and regulations stated in the employee handbook; but should you have questions, please contact Becky Harris, our HR Director at 724-852-5200.

Debbie Phillips
Regular Full-time
Court Reporter

Court of Common Pleas
Department of Law & Order
Appointment eff. Feb. 15
Erin Kuhns
Regular Full-time

Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Mar. 6

Cathy Kerik
Regular Full-time
Custodial Worker 1

Buildings & Maintenance
Department of Finance & Administration
Appointment eff. Mar. 6
Tina Statler
Regular Full-time
Fiscal Assistant 1

Children & Youth Services (CYS)
Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Mar. 13

John Michael Dulaney
Part-time Tip Staff
Court of Common Pleas
Department of Law & Order
Appointment eff. Mar. 13
Pamela Sue White
Regular Full-time
Licensed Practical Nurse

Greene County Prison
Department of Law & Order
Appointment eff. Mar. 17
(SEIU Prison)

Breann Fuller
Regular Full-time
Mental Health Director

Mental Health Program
Department of Human Services
Appointment eff. Apr. 3
(MG PG 11)
Dean Virgili
Regular Full-time
Jail Counselor

Greene County Prison
Department of Law & Order
Appointment eff. Apr. 3
(MG PG 7)

What an honor!

Amelia Michael, daughter of Ginelle & Chuck Michael, was chosen by her teacher and classmates to be Student of the Month for March. With this honor she was invited to attend the school board meeting to receive her award. Mom, dad and Toufie are very proud of her.

Amelia is in the 1st grade at Hatfield Elementary in the Laurel Highlands School District, Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

Ginelle Michael is the Purchasing Clerk for the county.

Shown on right is little brother Toufie who jumped in the picture to show his excitement for his big sister.

  Greene County Employees Blood Drive:
The Greene County Commissioners and the Central Blood Bank once again sponsored the annual blood drive as part of the county employees Lifestyle Returns-Wellness Rewards Program. Held on March 23 in the county office building.

And once again, there was a good turnout for the blood drive, with several county employees donating; collecting 31 units of blood which will help close to 100 area patients. And the winner of the $50 gift card for donating was Marge Fox, District Attorney.

As in the past, those who donated blood will earn 40 points towards this year's Wellness Rewards Program. Complete program details soon be announced. We appreciate everyone who participated in our blood drive.

A special thanks to Becky and Cara from HR for making all the arrangements for the blood drive. Pictured are county employees from the Clerk of Courts Office, Megan Goodwin (left) and Crystal Walters (right).

— Thanks, Rebecca Harris, HR Director (724-852-5200)

  Recreation Department announces spring classes:

The Greene County Department of Recreation’s spring exercise session kicks off on in mid-April, pre-registration is required for most of these classes. The following are the upcoming exercise class schedule at the Greene County Fairgrounds:
  • Cardio Kickboxing — with Mark and Deneen, (Sundays @ 3PM | Tuesdays @ 5PM, April 23-May 16. Click HERE for brochure of information.

  • Easter Cake Pops class — with Von Lee, (Wednesday, April 5 from 6-7PM (4-H Building, upstairs). Pre-registration is required, a minimum participation. Click HERE for brochure of information.

  • Patriotic Wreath class — with Ashlee Grandstrand, (Sunday, May 7 @ 2PM, Auction Building #9). Pre-registration and payment is required for each class (minimum participants required). Click HERE for brochure of information.

  • Essentially Yours — with Kelly Mackey, (Thursdays, 6-8PM, April 20-May 18) held in the 4-H building (upstairs). Pre-registration is required. Click HERE for brochure of information.
For more information or pre-registration, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323, or visit

Mark your calendars today, for our May 3rd (6:00 pm) Spring Cake Decorating class with Von Lee. Held at the 4-H Building (downstairs) at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Through a fun and creative demonstration and a hands-on course, you will gain the knowledge to create your very own masterpiece! Fee for class is $25, includes supplies. Pre-Registration with payment is required for each of our classes. Click HERE for class brochure.

  2017 — Greene County Flashlight Drags
Street racing without the jail time! — held at the Greene County Airport.

Scheduled race dates: May 21 ✦ June 18 ✦ July 23 ✦ August 27 ✦ September 17, 2017. Dates are subject to change, rain dates will be held on the following weekend if schedules permit! Gates open at 12:00 noon, race starts at 2:00 p.m. Cost: $30 to race/$6 to watch.

Click HERE for Flashlight Drags brochure with racing rules, and HERE for event flyer.

  Conservation Leadership School scholarship available

The Greene County Conservation District is offering one full scholarship to the 2017 Conservation Leadership School, which will be held during two sessions this summer at Stone Valley Recreation Area in University Park, Pa. Hosted by Penn State’s School of Forest Resources, Conservation Leadership School is a one-week residential program for high school students interested in learning more about the environment through exploration of natural habitats and hands-on educational and recreational activities. This year's session will focus on "the who, where, when, what and how of natural resource management and conservation in Pennsylvania."

The winning student can choose which session to attend – June 25-July 1 or July 9-15. Students will spend one week in an outdoor classroom exploring forests, fields, streams and lakes, and will have the opportunity to go canoeing, hiking, bird watching and fishing, among other recreational activities. Subjects also include aquatic habitat enhancement, home water analysis, hunter-trapper education, team-building, and green initiatives, recycling and composting. The regular cost is $525 for the week-long session.

The Conservation District’s scholarship is open to all Greene County students ages 14-18 who have completed at least their freshman year of high school and who are interested in the environment. To apply for the scholarship, students must submit a typed essay of 500-1,000 words in length. The essay should briefly detail the student’s background and explain why he or she would be the best recipient of the scholarship and how attending the Conservation Leadership School would benefit the student’s future plans. All essays should include a name, address and phone number. Essays must be received by the Conservation District by Friday, April 21.

Essays may be mailed to the Greene County Conservation District at 22 W. High St., Suite 204, Waynesburg, PA 15370. Essays may also be faxed to 724-852-5341 or e-mailed to Jared Zinn. The subject line should read "Conservation Leadership."

For more information, call the Conservation District at 724-852-5278.

  Conservation District holding poster and coloring contest
The Greene County Conservation District is holding a poster contest that is open to all Greene County students K-8th enrolled in public, private and home schools. The District will also offer a coloring contest to any child that is Pre-K age and enrolled in preschool or lives in Greene County.

Posters will be judged in four grade-based categories (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th and 7th-8th). The top three entrants in each category will receive a cash prizes, with first place winning $100, second place $75 and third place $50. The first-place poster from each category will advance to a statewide contest later this year.

The theme for this year's contest is, "Healthy Soils are Full of Life." Posters may be completed in school or at home, but must be the work of an individual student. Entries will be judged on their conservation message, visual effectiveness, originality and universal appeal. More information about this year’s theme, including free educational resources for students, teachers and parents may be found on the National Association of Conservation Districts’ website at, or by contacting the Greene County Conservation District.

The coloring contest will feature Sammy Soil from USDA's "The Adventures of Sammy Soil" coloring book designed by Melanie Sanderson and adapted from the "Sammy Soil" story by Ernest H. Whitaker and Sandra L. Purdue. For a copy of the contest picture, please contact the District or download the coloring page online at The picture will also be available at preschools within the county. Winners of the coloring contest will receive a bike and helmet.

Entries should be submitted to the Greene County Conservation District at 22 West High Street Suite 204, Waynesburg, PA 15370. Posters must be received by Friday, April 21. For more information about the contest or complete rules, contact the Conservation District at 724-852-5278.

  Greene County Conservation District Reports:
Lisa Snider, GCCD District Manager — noted that this year's Greene County Envirothon will be held on May 3, 2017 at a new location, the Hunting Hills property of Roy Sisler's near Mapletown. PA. Plus this years Pennsylvania state Envirothon will be held May 23-24, 2017 at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Volunteers are needed to assist with the event.

Karlie Wright, Agricultural Technician — Recently attended Tool Kit training. Tool Kit is a computer program that the Natural Resources Conservation Service uses to develop conservation plans, etc. The training should help Karlie with her farmland preservation and nutrient management planning in her day-to-day job activities.

Two manure management workshops were held during the month of March, one on March 7th at the Carmichaels Grange and a second on March 22nd at the Nineveh Community Center. A third workshop will be held on April 5th at the Greene County Fairgrounds.
  April Brummage, Environmental Program Specialist — recently attended the Southwest Pennsylvania Grazing Conference where some upcoming meetings were discussed. A grazing school at an Amish organic dairy farm in August and tentative dates for the grassland evaluation contest and a field day planned in Westmoreland County in September.

Jared Zinn, Watershed Specialist — with the assistance of Waynesburg University students, a series of storm-water management brochures are being developed in conjunction with Waynesburg Borough.

  Greene County Veterans Affairs — announcements:
Veterans Affairs Outreach Activities

As part of our veterans outreach program, we will be at the following Senior Centers for the months of April, there are other dates throughout the year scheduled for other centers. Should you need directions to any of these centers or additional information, contact the Veterans Affairs office: Centers operated by Community Action:
  • Carmichaels Senior Center:
    April 19, 2017 @ 10:00 AM
A locally and nationally certified Veterans Service Officer will be on-site at each of the centers to answer any questions and assist veterans one-on-one in filing claims. Veterans residing in each community who are unable to visit the Veterans Affairs office at 22 W. High St., Waynesburg, are encouraged to attend the outreach programs. FMI, call the Greene County Veterans Affairs office at 724-852-5275.
  Special days in April to remember:

— Thanks, Dalene Watson, VA Director (724-852-5275)

  Board of Directors
John Dorean, Chairman
Marcia Sonneborn, Vice Chair
Ralph Burchianti, Treasurer
Thelma Szarell, Secretary
Barry Nelson, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

  Redevelopment Authority of the County of Greene (RACG)
Completely Renovated!

FOR SALE, $70,500.
Two bedrooms, 1 bath, detached garage, side-covered porch with new railings, large lot with semi-flat yard.

Click HERE for sale flyer. 127 School Street, Clarksville, PA (Jefferson-Morgan School District)
  Brand NEW!

FOR SALE, $140,000.
3 bedroom modular home, 2 baths, full basement

Click HERE for advertised house listing. 145 Fairview Avenue, Jefferson, PA (Jefferson-Morgan School District).

FMI, visit or call 724-627-3204

  Dr. Nancy I. Davis Memorial Scholarship Announced
The Waynesburg Area Chamber of Commerce has announced that it will award the "Dr. Nancy I. Davis Memorial Scholarship for Educational Leadership" scholarship in memory of the late, Dr. Nancy I. Davis to a graduate student this coming May.

The Chamber is now accepting applications from candidates who currently reside or teach in Greene County and are pursuing a Master's in Education or above. The scholarship was established to honor the memory of Dr. Nancy I. Davis who was an educator and advocate for education. In late 2016, the annual GreeneScene Road Rally, presented exclusively by Fox Ford of Waynesburg, raised the necessary funds for the $1,500 scholarship award.

Applicants will be required to submit a narrative on how they have demonstrated leadership in education and a list of community involvement along with verification of enrollment. Applicants will also be interviewed by a panel of qualified judges. >>>

Click HERE for 3/8/2017 Press Release. (Information provided 3/8/2017 by the Waynesburg Chamber of Commerce.)

  Final Month to Apply for Working Capital Loans for Flash Flooding in Pennsylvania

March 17, 2017 Press Release
The U.S. Small Business Administration is reminding small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives, small aquaculture businesses and most private nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania of the deadline to submit disaster loan applications for economic injury caused by the flash flooding on June 17, 2016. NOTE that the deadline to return economic injury applications is April 19, 2017. FMI, contact the SBA's Disaster Loan Program at 1-800-659-2955 or visit their website at

  Traveling Memorial Wall coming to Greene County

Mark your calendars for September 28-October 2, 2017 — The Traveling Memorial wall stands as a reminder of the great sacrifices made during the Vietnam War. It was made for the purpose of helping heal and rekindle friendships and to all people the opportunity to visit loved ones who otherwise may not be able to make the trip to Washington DC. This project is being coordinated by the Waynesburg VFW. Sponsors and volunteers are needed to make this tribute possible. Click HERE for informational flyers. FMI, contact Rick Black at 724-998-0598. Also reference the three documents below:
Salute to Vietnam Veterans

Click image to open
Vietnam Casualties

Click image to open entire document

Click HERE for events brochure
Sponsorship Opportunities

Click HERE to open for sponsorship form

Calendar OF Events
Be sure to check out the many upcoming events Greene County has to offer!

April 1st & 8th | Open Skating — at Mon View Roller Rink from 7-10pm. FMI, call Mon View Roller Rink at 724-943-3440 or the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

April 5th | Easter Cake Pops Class — with Von Lee, from 6-7PM, at the Greene County Fairgrounds, 4-H Building (upstairs). FMI, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

April 7, 14, 21, & 28 | Skate & Dance — 7 to 11 pm at Mon View Roller Rink, with skating from 7-9 pm and dancing from 9-11 pm, admission is $8. On Saturday nights its open for skating frim 7-10pm, admission $5. Mon View is available to rent for private parties at a rate of $120 for two hours. The price covers admission and skate rental for 20 people. A fee of $3 per additional person will be charged. Skate lessons are also available by appointment only. FMI, call Mon View Roller Rink at 724-943-3440, or the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

April 7th | WWI Exhibit Opening — 6pm-8pm at the Greene County Historical Society ( FMI, call 724-627-3204.

April 8th | Annual Easter "Eggstravaganza" — Held from 10 am-4 pm by the Waynesburg Merchant's Guild. FMI, visit

April 8th | Music Program Spring Concert — held from 7-9:00 pm at the Roberts Chapel, Waynesburg University. Featuring, the Waynesburg University Lamplighters and Symphonic Band perform Psalms, Hymns and Traditional Spirituals, including John Williams Film Scores from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, War Horse, The Terminal, and Lincoln. FMI, call 1-800-225-7393.

April 8th | Penn State Extension Spring Gardening Seminar — Join the Master Gardeners for the Spring Gardening Seminar on Saturday April 8th from 8:30 am to 12:15 pm at the 4-H Building #10 at the Greene County Fairgrounds Waynesburg, PA. Topics to be discussed are Improving Your Home Lawn from Brian Leichliter of the Lone Pine Country Club, Small Woodland Management from Russell Gibbs of DCNR, and The Life of Honey Bees from David Lake of the Penn State Master Gardeners. Soil tests kits will also be available for purchase. Registration is $12 by calling 724-627-3745 or $14 at the door.

April 8th & 9th | 1st annual Greene County Autism Walk — Dustin Damon Casseday Autism Foundation walk begins at 12:00 pm, with open registration from 10:30-11:30 pm, held at the Wana B Park, 355 Ceylon Road, Carmichaels, PA. Click HERE for event brochure with pre-registration form. Click HERE for event flyer and sponsorship form, including April 9 event, held at the Carmichaels VFW. Event sponsored by the Greene County Commissioners, the Department of Recreation, and the Dustin Damon Casseday Autism Foundation. FMI, 724-550-6467 or the Department of Rec at 724-852-5323.

April 10th | 4th Annual Greene County United Way "Greene Cuisine" — Sample cuisine from the area's most talented chefs. Socialize with friends, enjoy listening to music and partake in wine tasting by Thistlethwaite Vineyards. Some of the great raffle prizes include a Colorado Getaway, Golf Package, Lottery Basket, Rachael Ray Package, Diamond Earrings and many more. Sponsorship levels offered and there is still room for last minute restaurants and caterers. Call today to reserve your space. Admission is $25 per person. Reservations can be made by calling 724-852-1009. If no answer, leave a message. Make checks payable to Greene County United Way and mail to 748 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370.

April 10-21 | Student Art Show — held from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday, at the Benedum Gallery, Waynesburg University. FMI, visit or call 800-225-7393.

April 15th | Annual Hammer-In demonstration — 9:00 am-4:00 pm, free event. Step back in time and enjoy traditional blacksmith demonstrations. Tours of the W.A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop will be available throughout the day! Plus, learn about belt line & machinery with Bly Blystone. A welcome ceremony will be held at noon followed by an auction Iron in the Hat at 1 p.m. Proceeds benefit W.A. Young Foundry, Pittsburgh Area Artist Blacksmiths Association (PAABA) & Appalachian Blacksmiths Association (ABA). Refreshments available by the Rices Landing Boy Scout Troop 1168. For more info call Bly’s cell at 724-710-4898.

April 21st & 22nd | Extreme Bull Riding at the Greene County Fairgrounds. FMI, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

April 20-May 18 | Essentially Yours — with Kelly Mackey, Thursdays at 6-8PM, at the Greene County Fairgrounds, 4-H Building (upstairs). FMI, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

April 22nd & 23rd | Mason-Dixon Ramp Festival — 10am to 5pm both days. Arrive an hour early for the Sunday church service in the great out-doors. Come and shake off the winter doldrums and cabin fever with us! Admission and parking is always FREE. FMI, visit or call 304-879-5500.

April 23-May 16 | Cardio Kickboxing Exercise Classes — with Mark and Deneer, Sundays at 3PM and Tuesdays at 5PM, at the Greene County Fairgrounds, #8 Maintenance Building. FMI, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.

April 23-May 14 | Car-Bar-Yo Exercise Classes — (Cardio Barre & Yoga) with instructor Miranda Chapman, Sundays at 4:30PM, at the Greene County Fairgrounds, #8 Maintenance Building. FMI, call the Department of Recreation at 724-852-5323.


every Wednesday May 17 - Oct. 25 | Waynesburg Farmers Market — 10am - 2pm. Locally raised fresh produce, meat, eggs, baked goods & more. Workshops, forums and kids activities. Located on Church Street near the courthouse in downtown Waynesburg.

May 20 & 21 | 14th Annual Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest — 10am - 5pm at the Greene County Fairgrounds (

June 23 | Summer Open House — 5-8:30 pm in downtown Waynesburg; come enjoy live entertainment, food, fun and shopping.

September 9 | 16th Annual 50's Fest & Car Cruise — 10am - 4pm in downtown Waynesburg. Classic cars, trucks & motorcycles on the main drag.

If you would like to submit an article to the "Greene County Gazette," please email Ruth Thornberg or phone 724-852-5384.

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